The Sweetest Kidnapping

Please join me over at The Rumpus for my latest essay…  Here’s a few  descriptions from fellow writers:

Brian Sheehan: The Sweetest Kidnapping is the latest essay by my friend Cathy Bell, and by its questioning nature of a single event in her childhood, leaves us examining how we perceive story and truth in our own lives. Powerful, raw, and an important read. Thank you for your gift.

Pamela Ramos Langley: This is a BEAUTIFUL, heart wrenching essay by my friend, Cathy Bell, published in the Sunday Rumpus!!! Cathy has used some smart and evocative weaving to texture this story of a woman’s contextualization of a simultaneously traumatic and strangely magical event in her young life.

Lia Woodall: “And then when I hugged her and smelled her, I remembered her.” “How long, exactly, does it take for a child to forget her mother?” Cathy Bell’s powerful essay probes memory, hers and others, over decades, for perspective and understanding to the shifting geography of her childhood. How the villains and heroes in our impressionable and vulnerable years can change faces and their truths into serviceable fictions. How one night can bathe us in a protective force field of unflinching love. “When the scary is over, all we remember is the magic.”